The Accident

There was a huge gap in blog entries here so I felt I should fill in the blanks for anyone who doesn't know the whole story.

Putting on the Miles

We've been running dogs on sleds from the house since the first weekend of December, and race season is upon us. Only 6.5 weeks until Iditarod!

Winter Arrives

Hard to believe just 4 weeks ago it was in the 40's and I was complaining about the mud. Less than a week after my previous blog post the temperatures dropped, and the ground froze.

Mud Season

Fall training is heavily under way here, and both Lara and I can hardly believe it's only late October based on mileage. But oh, the mud.

Fall Training

We've been here in Alaska for about 6 weeks now. The leaves have turned, the weather is downright cold, our woodstove is pumping and we've already seen snow!

The Road to Alaska - Part 3

We've now officially been on the road for a full week, yet it doesn't quite feel that long despite all that's happened along the way.

The Road to Alaska - Part 1

For so many years I've dreamt and imagined what moving myself and my team to Alaska would be like. Over the past 6 months those dreams finally became reality.


Sign ups for Iditarod open on the last Saturday of every June, when Iditarod throws a huge picnic/BBQ at headquarters. I've had the date marked on my calendar for months.


On my second album, "Contagious Grooves", I had a song called "Surreality". I find myself in that state a lot right now.

The Road Ahead

In just about 3 months from now the dogs, myself and a handler will leave to make the long trek to Alaska to start training for Iditarod. Follow along on our journey!