Winter Arrives

Hard to believe just 4 weeks ago it was in the 40's and I was complaining about the mud. Less than a week after my previous blog post the temperatures dropped, and the ground froze.

Mud Season

Fall training is heavily under way here, and both Lara and I can hardly believe it's only late October based on mileage. But oh, the mud.

Fall Training

We've been here in Alaska for about 6 weeks now. The leaves have turned, the weather is downright cold, our woodstove is pumping and we've already seen snow!

The Road to Alaska - Part 3

We've now officially been on the road for a full week, yet it doesn't quite feel that long despite all that's happened along the way.

The Road to Alaska - Part 1

For so many years I've dreamt and imagined what moving myself and my team to Alaska would be like. Over the past 6 months those dreams finally became reality.


Sign ups for Iditarod open on the last Saturday of every June, when Iditarod throws a huge picnic/BBQ at headquarters. I've had the date marked on my calendar for months.


On my second album, "Contagious Grooves", I had a song called "Surreality". I find myself in that state a lot right now.

The Road Ahead

In just about 3 months from now the dogs, myself and a handler will leave to make the long trek to Alaska to start training for Iditarod. Follow along on our journey!