How you can help..

It takes a crazy amount of money to run the Iditarod. On top of the nearly $20k race expenses, I also have the expense of relocating the entire team to Alaska for the season in order to get the proper training for the race. That not only means renting a place for the season but also a very long drive hauling a trailer with the dogs and equipment via a gas-guzzling truck.

I've been working 80 hour weeks for over a year in order to purchase some of the gear required, make truck and trailer repairs necessary to handle the drive and to save up money towards the race, but there are still a great deal of expenses ahead. That's where sponsors and fundraising come in!

This section of the website will keep track of our fundraising efforts, keep people informed of current and upcoming fundraisers, and will recognize our various sponsors.

Current and Upcoming Fundraisers


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Thank you to our supporters!

Fundraising Team

I seriously do not know what I would do without the help of 3 ladies who have not only put in plenty of financial support of their own but have also been involved in planning and running most of the fundraisers for Iditarod with me. So a huge huge THANK YOU goes out to my Fundraising Team: Megan Moberly, Anna Marmann and Christine Vezina!

Major & Corporate Sponsors
Larry Lubonty
Quadtek Inc.
Dana Kevelder
Dog Sponsors
  • Taylor Johannigman
  • Jeff Kirchhoff
  • Larry Lubonty
  • Pauline Bray
  • Toddy & Doug Munson
  • Robin Sharpe
  • Paul & Laura Ferretti
  • Steven Lydon
  • Denise Hansen
  • Carrie Finnegan
  • JoAnna St. Louis
  • The Walrath Family
  • Peggy Kipp
  • Michelle Fabiano
  • Jill Holmes
  • Stephen & Gail Guertin
  • Bob & Martha Heckman
  • Buddy Clayton
  • Patricia Genova
  • Nancy Garrett
  • Elaine Bartholomew
  • Heidi Christiansen
  • Simeon Hain
  • Alison & John Petrino
  • Anna Marmann
  • Isabella Staehlin
  • Keira Reynolds
  • Megan Moberly
  • Cheryl Martin
  • Al Kaufman
  • Bob & Barb Liukkonen
  • Stephanie Bayliss
  • Mark Brown
  • Marianne Genova Long
  • Laura Paradise
  • Ziggy Fulton
  • Laura Pratt
  • Sue and Barry Millman
  • Ashley Jaberg
Team Sponsors
  • Jeanne & David Seaquist
  • Megan Moberly
  • Sue & Bob Bain, in honor of Meco & Willow
  • David & Kenley Foucher
  • Toddy & Doug Munson
  • Peggy & Joel Grass
Supporters & In-Kind Sponsors